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So...Xmas 2019 passed by, I didn't write anything here... January 2020 passed by, I didn't wish you a Happy New Year...hum, but I am back for February!!

The last months of 2019 have been busy with Xmas, presents etc and coming back to create, to sewing in January was a bit difficult! I started by a BIG clean up of my sewing corner, I re-discover some nice fat quarters I had hidden like small treasures and I was decided to make something out of them but couldn't find the inspiration (motivation?) to do so. But this morning I decided to try something and I feel like I am back on track! I want to make new pencil cases, pouches and washable wipes for my Etsy shop! I am also currently doing a special sales of old pouches and limited collections of wipes and one of the pouch has already find a new home in Netherland and some washable wipes find their way to France! I want to use all my cotton fabric leftovers for new washable wipes.

I am more present on Twitter and Instagram, so please follow me there! But I'll try harder to be more active here too!


Thursday, 6 February 2020

Boo and Happy Halloween if you are celebrating it!

I recently sent these crocheted pumpkins to Australia, to a big fan of Halloween, I hope she likes them.
I didn't intend to sell them, I made them for our own home decoration, I shared a picture on IG and she loved them so much that she wanted them! I was so happy, my daughter was a bit less happy, so I crocheted another similar one for my friend.
These past few weeks I was in a bit of a conundrum : I wanted to crochet mushrooms, pumpkins, red leaves to celebrate the Autumnal Season but at the same time I am already preparing stuff for my etsy shop and for "Xmas" in particular, with stars and Xmas trees garlands and reusable gift bags out of Xmassy / Wintery fabrics. This year my daughter was really into Halloween, it's not part of our traditions but why not, it's always fun to read witches' stories and to draw pumpkins and ghosts. But now that it's almost over, I can now definitely focus on the end of the year celebrations!

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Autumn is here in our corner of the World. Colour of the trees are changing, leaves and conkers are falling down in the park and the cloudy and rainy sky are calling for a delicious pumpkin pie! While I'm very happy to crochet mushrooms and pumpkins to decorate our home and my daughter's school library, I already feel the urge to crochet decorations for the Festive Season, yes: already, isn't it a bit soon?! Well, we used to start buying our presents for Xmas in December often finishing our shopping on the 24th few hours before the feast. But the past 7 years we decided to make most of our gifts for our loved ones and that takes much longer than going to the shop. So now our festive season starts in September, my sewing corner transforming in a Santa Claus workshop, but I don't see a lot of helpers?!? :)

For the pumpkins I've found a pattern on https://mallooknits.com/adorable-crochet-pumpkins-pattern/ I've changed the size and the stem is 'free crochet'. I really liked the first one I made, the yellow one and my daughter insisted I make eyes and a mouth to make it more 'Halloweeny' ;-) The mushrooms were there: https://free-crochet-patterns.com/pattern-red-mushrooms-with-white-dots/ I always need a pattern to start but I usually do my own along the way. The one is the pattern we're too flat so I change that. I am very grateful for all the persons who spend so much time and care to write patterns and share them freely for everyone to try!

And now folks I am going back to Xmassy fabric and crocheted stars, I'll keep you posted soon!
Take care.

Friday, 11 October 2019

7 months since my last post :(
But I am back! Well mostly ;)
I have a new Etsy shop that is not yet linked to my website, it will be in few weeks. My new Etsy Shop is DumoockeeMakes. https://www.etsy.com/shop/DumoockeeMakes. You will find new pouches, pencil cases, reversible waterproof bags... And there are more to come! I thought that my main tools of communication would be IG, but I realised that Twitter and my website were also very useful tools, so I'll try to be more present here too!
See you soon!

Sunday, 29 September 2019


Thanks for stopping by!

If you are following me on Instagram you’ve seen my new stuff and I will update my website with them too.
For few years now, I have been trying to reduce my impact on the environment: we don’t use any plastic bags, we buy what we can in bulk, we use bicarbonate of soda and vinegar instead of a lot of cleaning products, our diet doesn’t contain a lot of meat, we don’t buy a lot of new clothes and 90% of my daughter’s wardrobe is handed down from her cousins and all our clothes are worn more than 30 times , and many other small gestures. I have always been concerned about environmental issues, animal welfare etc… 7 years ago when I was pregnant, we already had taken a lot of steps towards a greener life. I wanted to be well prepared of course for our baby’s arrival, I remembered looking for list of essentials as I didn’t want to buy unuseful/ gadgety stuff. When we see how big is the baby stuff market, it’s easy to get lost: do I need a camera in my baby’s room or can I just go and check with my own eyes, do I even need a babyphone? Well I don’t live in a mansion and I have good ears so maybe not…
To each their own, we all have different needs and budgets, and I respect that… But I knew I didn’t want to buy let’s say: 3 (years of diapers) x 365 x 5 (diapers a day on average) = 5475 diapers which will need 500 years to decompose. You need wipes or cotton pads to clean your baby which are polluting too. So, we decided to mostly use washable diapers and washcloths. At that time, I was more crocheting than sewing and it didn’t occur to me that I could make them myself. Recently one our friends welcomed a new baby and it reminded me of that precious time but also how confusing it can be. If you add the will of being greener, eco-friendlier in the mix and it can be overwhelming. So, I thought I will make accessories that help people on their journey to a greener, “waste-less” life.
That is why you will find more fabric bags and washable wipes in my recent production. I hope you’ll enjoy them! What I really like about them is that they are versatile! I don’t know for you but I am a bit tired of hearing that I need this new, shinier toy when actually I can easily do without or with something that I already own. And I realize that advertisement/consumer society make us think we need a particular object for one particular use and while it is very practical and easier, it also means we need a lot of different things to use in a lot of different situations. I don’t need a special plastic box for my cables, one for my pasta, another one for my daughter’s pencils… No, I just need these fabric bags because they can be used for different things.
Again, I hope you’ll find something you like!

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Few weeks ago, our niece stayed with us for a few days. And so, after checking her portfolio, I hired her to model my new wraps. We had fun and the pictures look better than the ones my daughter took in the corner of my bedroom.
I made the first wrap last year for my BFF and named them after her. I had nice comments about it so I wanted to make more. I intend it to be worn as a scarf but my friend put it like a shawl. So you can do whatever: it is basically a big soft rectangle of jersey (2 layers) that closes with a vintage button (they come from my husband grandmother's stock) that will keep you warm inside and outside!
Have a look at the READY TO BUY section to see more!

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

And these INSECTS???
How fun is this fabric?

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Did I tell you that I love these coated cotons from Japan bought at the market at the Kiseki stall? I just bought some fat quarters to make unique pouches. If you want to see more you can go to READY TO BUY.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Last week was busy with catching up with some of our favorite people, our BFF and our niece from UK. She had quickly made herself a case for her IpadPro just before leaving to see us and was not entirely satisfied with it, so I offer to make a new one for her. She picked the colour in my stock and Tadaa! if you want to see more, go to the Gallery ;)

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Hi there! It's been a while! I wanted to write more regularly on this website but it is more challenging that I thought it would be!

But here I am and for the arrival of Autumn I have new pouches and I start making fabric baskets. They are fun to make and are very versatile. For example you can use them as pencil holder, or to organise your toiletry accessories, to hide a small flowerpot...

Few weeks back we went to a fabric market (https://www.stoffmarktholland.de/) and there is a stall I like a lot! The first time we visited these type of market I would buy a lot of quarters and jersey to make some clothes for my daughter but then I realised that I would buy to many and never use them really. So now I've changed my way of buying fabric. I go with a list of the projects I want to make and a list of what I really need and I don't spend to long on the jersey stall where I realise it's often the same kind of pattern, it is rarely very original. But on the Kiseki (www.kiseki.de) shop, the fabrics are really beautiful. They are coming from Japan and even if this shop is more expensive than the others: quality over quantity; I'd rather spend more time and money on this shop! So I've bought a lot of coated cotton with great, funny, colourful pattern and I love the pouches or fabric baskets, I am turning them into. I still have a few to sew. Have a look in the READY TO BUY section to see them!

Monday, 8 October 2018

And then I sew a simple pouch: one zipper, 5 seams and voilà!
I used unrefined wax so it gives a yellowish colour to the fabric, I will have to pick the fabric carefully. But I think it suits my Frida Khalo fabric well, it gives it a vintagy look :) It was easy to sew, my hands were a little bit sticky (very little and this feeling goes away quickly). And it smells much better than fake leather or coated cotton !
I will wait a bit to see how it ages, this one is a prototype but i can't wait to make more to put in my Etsy shop!
Let me know if you try!!

Monday, 6 August 2018

I checked that it was waterproof!

Monday, 6 August 2018

it melts pretty quickly. I forgot to say that I put one piece of baking paper ( that I had to buy because I replace it with washable one, but I didn't want to use it in this situation with the iron...) underneath and on top before ironing. I've checked once or twice to see how the wax was spreading. And then I let it dry on a dryer rack, it doesn't need long!
I realise that I put too much wax so I cut 4 other pieces of fabric and repeat the operation with 1 piece of fabric over the Frida Khalo fabric, I ironed the fabric over baking paper and the new fabric soak in the excess of wax.

Monday, 6 August 2018

I wanted to try this for a while: I really like sewing coated fabrics, I think it gives a nice shape to a pencil case or a pouch. Although it is waterproof so it can be handy in some situations. But it is not very coherent with my will to reduce our use of plastic... So I thought I give a try to bee's wax. Bee's wax wraps are starting to be popular amongst people who want to enjoy their sandwich plastic-free. We don't use cling film much, we have boxes and upcycled jars for leftovers but I thought bee's wax fabric could be used to make simple pencil cases/pouch.
So first step: I've bought organic, non refined bee's wax pellets, they were 15€ for 400g which is not cheap, I'm sure we can find a cheaper option but I like to buy organic whenever I can and directly in a shop not online. I took about 20 g of bee's wax, spread it over my two pieces of fabric (20cm x 13cm) and use my iron (which was on cotton settings).

Monday, 6 August 2018

All this fabric comes from different place in France: Mondial Tissus in Le Havre and from one shop Magasin Mélin in Regnéville-sur-Mer in La Manche, it's a family business and they have 5000 listed items : fabrics and haberdashery! the lady is very nice and told us how all her family was in the 'sewing business' etc I really like this place! In particular they have a lots of fat quarters which is nice when you want a good selection of fabrics to make pouches and other pencil cases

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Hi there! I am back from my trip to Sardinia! We went camping and didn't take our computer, it was nice to have a break with our best friends! I didn't miss my computer but I did miss my sewing machine! I didn't come back empty handed from my trip, see next post...

Monday, 30 July 2018

Oh it's been too long since I wrote on this page! Not that I didn't do anything.
First of all I made a bathrobe for my niece, for her second birthday. I used the same pattern from Les Intemporels in a nice pink. To personalise it I stitch her name on a patch with my new sewing machine which can stitch letters. I really like this pattern, there is a big hood that sits well on the kids' heads. Plus, the pattern uses towels and you don't have to sew the bottom hem and the sleeves hems.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Hi there!
Few weeks ago, we went to a Fabric Market in Dortmund and I've bought some really nice coated fabric and canvas from Japan. I was really looking forward to transforming them in cool pouches/ pencil cases/ cosmetic bags... Here is just one of them, head to the READY TO BUY section if you are interested or just want to see more details. Two more are ready but I may wait to put them on my Etsy shop and 3 more coated fabric are still waiting to be turn in awesome accessories. Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

5 years ago I borrowed my Mum's sewing machine, it came with plastic cover that got severely damaged particularly because of two moves! So I decided to make a new one using a nice cotton by Gütterman. I gave back my Mum's Singer Confidence as I received a Pfaff Expression 3.5 for my recent 40 th birthday, best gift ever!! As my Mum doesn't plan on using hers a lot I think it really needs a cover for protection against dust!

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Yeah! My first official order arrived safely in Bruxelles to one happy customer! My friend ordered bags to organise dirty laundry, undies and slippers in her kids suitcase for Summer Camp!
Head to the GALLERY to see more details.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Yeah! My website is finally done! A huge THANK YOU to my friends Agniezska and Florian for their patience, their time and IT skills! We've been working on this for a while and because I prefer sewing than coding/working on a computer, it took " a longer while" ;) .
So WELCOME to DUMOOCKEE! I hope you' ll find ideas and inspiration here like I did before on other blogs and websites. I have always been happy and safe in my sewing corner and never thought I will share my "handmade stuff" with people outside my close circle, but here I am and it feels good!
So please, enjoy and share!

Thursday, 14 June 2018